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Installing Laravelcollective/html package in laravel 5.5

Laravelcollective/Html PackageIn order to use form helpers in Laravel 5, you need to install Laravelcollective/html package. Laravel's Laravelcollective/html package is HTML and Fo ...
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Sending data to view using redirect in Laravel?

You can send data to view using redirects in Laravel by using below code$data=['id'=>1,'name'=>'test']; return Redirect::route('Controller.method')->with('data' => $d ...
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How to get user details by id or email in Laravel?

Get user by email in Laravel 5Laravel function to get user details by email or id in Laravelpublic function getUserByEmail(Request $request){ $email =$request->input('email ...
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Generating application key in Lumen

Lumen generate keyTo generate application key in Lumen, please add your routes/web.php and point your domain to /key and copy the output string and paste it in your .env file$app-& ...
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Installing soap module on PHP 7 ubuntu

Below are steps to install Soap module in PHP 7, 7.2, 7.3 on Ubuntu.Command to check Soap is installed or not. apt-cache search php | grep -i soap If not first install it by runni ...
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What is reverse routing in Laravel?

Reverse Routing in LaravelIn Laravel reverse routing is generating URL's based on route declarations.Reverse routing makes your application so much more flexible.For example, the b ...
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