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sqlstate hy000 error 2002 laravel

How to resolve sqlstate hy000 error 2002 in laravel.This type of error is occurred due to wrong database configration in .env file. Steps to resolve sqlstate hy000 error in Larave ...
published on : 1 day ago 12 Comments

Call to undefined function csrf_field()

Fixing undefined function csrf_field() In LaravelLaravel's csrf_field() function is introduced in version 5.1 .In versions below 5.1 for adding CRSF token please use below code in ...
published on : 25 minutes ago 12 Comments

Cross-Origin Request Blocked error in Laravel 5

Cors in LaravelHTML 5 has introduced new standard Cross-origin resource sharing (CORS) which allows web applications to specify which origins (website or domains) are permitted to ...
published on : 1 hour ago 12 Comments

How to resolve MassAssignment Exception _token error in Laravel 5?

Mass assignment exception in model.phpIt seems you have not defined the fillable attribute in your Model. Please define it in your model class to allow table attributes as fillable ...
published on : 8 hours ago 12 Comments

How to resolve phpunit/phpunit 5.7.8 requires ext-dom * error while installing Laravel 5

Installing php-xml extension on ubuntu based on php versionIf you are facing "phpunit/phpunit 5.7.8 requires ext-dom *" error at time of installing Laravel then you need to install ...
published on : 2 hours ago 12 Comments

Call to a member function connection() on null Laravel Lumen

Enabling Eloquent in LumenBy defaults Eloquent is not enabled in Lumen, To use Eloquent functions un-comment $app->withEloquent(); line from your bootstrap/app.php file. ...
published on : 19 hours ago 12 Comments